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Product Name: Gynarim Syrup
Product description:

(The Civilization Lies In The Womb Of A Lady)

It's herbal medicine comprising of medicinal qualities as well as general tonic for women from menarche to menopause period. This particular medicine works wonderfully for a smooth and normal life.


Each 10 ml. Contains:

Ashok                                                  300 mg

Kumari                                                 300 mg

Punarnava                                            300 mg

Lodhra                                                  200 mg

Majith                                                   200 mg

Nagkesar                                              200 mg

Satavari                                                100 mg

Dashmool                                              100 mg

Bhringraj                                                100 mg

Vasa                                                      100 mg

Chandan                                                100 mg

Anantmool                                              100 mg

Nagarmoth                                              100 mg

Anarbeej                                                 100 mg

Bilva                                                       100 mg

Kherchhal                                                100 mg

Udumberchhal                                         100 mg           

Amalaki                                                  100 mg

Borsalichhal                                               50 mg

Excipients                                                     Q.S.

Medical Description:

Ashok & Kumari :-

These two herbal medicines make blood pure and avoid painful and irregular menstrual discharge.

Punarnava :-

This helps to remove edema due to anemia of any origin and regularizes the blood flow.

Lodhra , Majith & Nagkesar :-

These three have astringent quality and hence controls excessive menstrual flow and avoids leucorrhoea outflow & foul discharge too.

Satavari, Dashmool :-

These supplies energy to the uterus and enables it to withstand normal delivery and type of abnormal bleeding.

Bhringraj, Vasa :-

It helps to control all the doshas and tones up the uterine muscles and stimulates ovaries.

Chandan, Anantmool :-

These are shitvirya aushadhi that is cold in nature and help to have a normal menstrual blood flow and eradicate the extra heat of body.

Nagarmoth, Anarbeej :-

Helpful in removing dustha vat, pitta from the body and remove mucus from the intestines.

Bilva, Kherchhal :-

These two work well in indigestion, mucus in intestines in colic etc.

Udumberchhal, Amalaki & Borsalichhal :-

These medicines are Kashaya and restrict excess uterine blood flow and help to regularize the menstrual system.






         Leucorrhoel foul discharge

         Amoebic Colitis

         Ovarian Cyst


2 Tablespoon  thrice a day

Packing: 200 ml, 450 ml
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dhanvantari guj. herb was incepted in the year 1981 at Anand, Gujarat by Late Dr. Vitthalbhai Patel & Mr. Birju Patel is the CEO of the company under whose h...

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